One day of Dolphin and E.T. Contact during our two-week E.T. Contact Seminar
At Sky Island Ranch -- August 8 - 20, 2004

It was another one of those wonderful days with the Spinner dolphins. They were treating us to a game of Catch-and-Carry with large golden leaves that were floating in the water. As the sun shone in ripples on the silvery bodies of the dolphins, they would catch the golden leaves and bring them to us. We would accept them with Love and then dive as deep as we could, to release them again to the dolphins. Watching us and staying nearby, the dolphins gracefully pick them up with their pectoral fins or tail or rostrum and circle in front of us again. Their goal is to make us follow them. And we are happy to do so! We follow the dolphins with the leaves and allow them to swim alongside us, until they are ready to give us the leaf to play with again. On and on this game goes for hours. Sometimes when I am immersed in this game with the dolphins and more than a dozen of the 75 dolphins are carrying leaves and playing with everyone, I wonder how anyone could think the dolphins do not love to play with people. Certainly anyone who wonders about that, simply has not experienced this amazing game initiated by the pods on the Big Island. It is a regular occurrence here, as they train us to dive deeper and deeper to retrieve their leaves. I give thanks to the dolphins for teaching us about joy, playfulness and companionship.

As we swim the dolphins are transmitting information directly into the cells of our body. They are activating the DNA that awakens our connection to our Creative Source. They are activating the electromagnetic, bio-acoustic receptors and receivers of the Creators Love within us, the Consciousness of One. It is the DNA that is healing and energizing us as we swim and align our frequencies with our dolphin friends. In their wisdom they know our vibratory potentials, which they are now stimulating with their sounds in the ocean. They can diagnose energy imbalances. They connect sonically with the humans they are swimming among and send out signals to balance and assist people's energy fields. Over the years I have gained a deep appreciation of the dolphins and whales for their lessons in the Beauty and Truth of their Sonics and its connection to our Spirituality, to Universal love. We are immersed in this Love as they swim among us each day. They are truly our dearest ocean-living, extra-terrestrial friends.

After a few hours of play, it was time to have some lunch and prepare for Contacts with the galactic E.T.s, so we somewhat reluctantly left the dolphins and headed for land.

In the afternoon at the Ranch, it began raining. Would we be able to sit outside and contact our E.T. friends? I have come to appreciate the role of Nature and of our Earth, in the expressions of our E.T. communications. The rain interacts with the consciousness of our meditation group at Sky Island Ranch. The rainfall at the Ranch is highly influenced by the Hawaiian Ohia trees. The Elves on the land told me this and I have no reason to doubt them. In Hawaii the kingdoms of the natural world support each other. When the sacred Ohia trees feel that rain is necessary, you will see the clouds form and the rain come down. When I can merge with the beauty of nature on the Ranch, I can unite with the consciousness of the clouds and communicate my wishes for precipitation or dry air. But ultimately the Ohia trees make the decision.

What would they decide tonight? Would our wonderful ET contact group be outside under the big cloudy sky or would we make contact from the meditation room? The combined choice of human consciousness, the ETs and Nature always makes the right decision.

There was a constant drizzle of rain, making our dining room feel cozy and warm as we enjoyed organic vegetables with rice pasta and gingered Ahi. The rolling white mist enshrouded the Ranch house in softness as the Cloudship made its presence known. We temporarily ignored it as we satisfied our appetites. And yet there was a subdued sense of urgency, knowing the ship was there and waiting for us.

As we prepared to initiate contact in the meditation room, the rain stopped and plans changed. We began to dress warmly for an evening outdoors.

Now, I had much to do to get ready…… We needed 15 chairs in the upper pasture. I decided to bring my portable stereo, bottled water (you never know how long you will be out there or UP there), flashlight, and towels to dry off the chairs and protect the stereo from dew. As I made multiple trips up and down the hill, I thought about my little miniature horses, who had been determined to join our circle the night before. In an overly serious situation, they interjected humor and invoked laughter from everyone when they tried to mimic us, by sitting in chairs, backing into them and even sitting on people's laps! Everyone was entertained by their behavior, which is actually common among these animals raised amid ET Contact groups. The donkeys then joined the horses and entered our circle and so we had five sweet four-leggeds standing expectantly inside our circle, nuzzling our faces. Perhaps they did not want to be left behind! Remember Noah's Ark?!! Their presence is loved and appreciated, but tonight I could feel that a deep concentration would be best for the contact, which was about to occur, and it should not be interrupted.I hurried to put the animals in their corral.

I could feel the presence of a mighty ship hovering in the ethers. Little La Plume, the alpha miniature horse, did not want to leave the group until I promised her some sweet grain to eat. Always in deep telepathic communication with me, she trotted alongside me into the corral. Now I had to fulfill my promise and prepare five buckets with corn and molasses for these gentle equine.

Everyone else was already at the contact site, quietly waiting. I hurried to join them, feeling very warm from all the chores in my extra layers of clothing. Happy to join this special group of E.T. humans who through their Love were successfully meeting with our E.T. friends, I sat down and breathed deeply.

Immediately I became aware of a soft, shimmering cloud of Light surrounding us. We were completely enclosed in a beam of pulsating Light - a Plasma Ship, which enables one world to overlap another. There was so much Love coming from this golden field of white Light, that tears came to my eyes. I was speechless and immersed in a most powerful energy of deep Universal Love. How can words describe this experience of love that goes far beyond any we have on Earth? Only to say, it feels like "Home."

We were aware of the air around us changing. The fragrance of strawberry guava blossoms and the deep pungent aroma of rich lava soil made us heady. Everything slowed down and became like a dream, as the Cloudship settled over us.

Then the messages began to come from the Light Ship. The extra terrestrials identified themselves saying they are the ones we call Andromedans (although they don't call themselves by that name.)

They are part of a star system we can see in the Hawaiian skies known as Cassiopeia. However, this group of ET friends communicated they are part of a non-visible (non-material) planet. They are in a completely different Space and Time continuum from Earth. They are also part of the Central Galactic Council that oversees planets evolving into higher frequencies of Light.

They are here to help us with information useful to Earthlings regarding Universal knowledge and frequencies. They specialize in education for the purpose of our mutual evolution into the Light of our Creative Source. They convene a council of worlds to help the Earth overcome difficulties and to remove the repercussions of genetic intrusions by other renegade races entering Earth's atmosphere. They have a great love and respect for the people of Earth and they feel that our E.T. Contact group are Earthly representatives that can interact with them in a benevolent and altruistic way for the good of humanity.

By way of explanation, I am shown a vision of them in Council deciding how to proceed with contacting humans on Earth. Rather than a mass landing, they will contact small, dedicated groups of people such as ours. They say they like our group because we are individuals who are so diverse, and yet united in our intentions to meet with benevolent ETs. They ask to meet with us regularly.

I am shown the fulfillment of this land's (Ranch) purpose. They seem to want this group to live here and create an ongoing Contact Center. I am shown people living here, in continued contact, developing inspiring, humanitarian projects with Love. They say we are to be a micro-community for the macro ones in the near future. And more people will be drawn here, the numbers will increase of those who's soul purpose is to be human-ET Ambassadors.

Our group is deeply absorbed in the love coming through and no one speaks. We remain immersed in their spiritual frequencies of Love, each of us receiving our own personal messages as well as the Group transmissions.

Eventually the energy of the Ship withdraws and we retire to our bedrooms, some of us to continue the ET Contact in our sleep states.

There were many other experiences of Contact that took place indoors, outdoors and in the ocean. As the Bleepin' Galactic Heartstar Podners write in, I will share some of their experiences here.

From Dr. Michael Salla:

Aloha everyone, I've just returned from my Hawaii trip which was a tremendous experience. I must say that swimming with the dolphins went far beyond my expectations. Their intelligence, gentleness and love were things that stood out from normal everyday life experiences. The love they generated was extraordinary and on many occassions I was simply 'blissed out'. It was like being in the presence of a master spiritual teacher who radiated love, wisdom and gentleness, and simply being in a receptive state to absorb such sublime energy. Aside from the emotional dimension which fortunately
I could pick up with my own emotional radar, they are very telepathic. My own telepathic abilities are to say the least, quite rudimentary, but I was able to confirm the telepathic nature of the dolphins through an incident that happened on my last day which I'd like to share.

It involved a mother and adolescent dolphin who a friend and I were swimming with for nearly an hour. The mother was generating the kind of blissful loving energy that I commented on earlier. The adolescent was frolicking around with dives and rolls, and then began to do some leaps out of the water. Well I had seen some of the adult dolphins jumping and I began thinking to myself that the adolescent couldn't jump that high. I reasoned to myself that since it was a young dolphin, that perhaps it needed to grow a little more to get the kind of strength to jump as high as the adult. So anyway, I was thinking these thoughts and then the adolescent dolphin began doing some spectular leaps out of the water right in front of me. I was really amazed and was applauding him/her in my mind thinking, wow, that's really impressive. Well then the adolescent did something very unexpected, it leaped out of the water over my head. I was thinking, oh no it's going to land on top of me, and prepared myself for 'contact'. Fortunately, it leaped right over me and landed in the water without touching me. I was really amazed and my friend saw it as well and said how special it was for that to happen. My conclusion was that the adolescent had indeed read my mind and was wanting to play with me and also teach me a lesson.
There were other incidents were the dolphins did things that were really impressive and suggested telepathic abilities. My overall impression from the dolphin swims is that one comes away with a profound sense of love and appreciation for these magnificent creatures who have this amazing ability to communicate.

This takes me to the relevance of dolphins for ET contact. My experience has shown me that they really are a wonderful way for preparing for ET contact. They are non-human mammals that have the kind of intelligence and telepathic abilities that resemble what we know of ETs. In fact, many insist that dolphins are interdimensional space travellers and can shift realities very easily. Many of the regular dolphin swimmers had amazing stories of seeing dolphins enter advanced states of consciousness, going into underground ET bases, and even entering into ET ships. This is something I couldn't confirm myself, but my experiences were consistent with such a belief. In sum, it wouldn't be far off the mark to describe dolphins
as being the functional equivalents of `extraterrestrials'for the rest of humanity. This may be one of the purposes, as some suggest, of dolphins. To provide a physical manifestation of higher dimensional beings (ETs) who mostly reside in a higher dimensional reality.

I highly recommend exploring the dolphin connection and its relevance to ET contact by visiting websites that offer information and resources about dolphins and ETs. A great place to start is with Joan Ocean who is really an expert in this area (see and from there you can find other resources for discovering more about dolphins. As for myself, I've decided to also work in this area by collaborating in a seminar program involving dolphins and ETs which I'll soon post a notice to the group about. In the meantime, you can take a peek at what I've put together by
visiting my exopolitics website and clicking the `Galactic Peace Ambassador" link

Well, in conclusion, I'm personally refreshed from my Hawaiin trip and feel inspired to explore this dolphin/ET connection as a way to help prepare for ET contact.

In peace

Michael S.