Evolving Atmospheres

©2004 by Douglas Webster

* * * * *

I'm very encouraged by what I see as a major conscious awakening spreading across the globe. By the end of this decade so many new ways of being and thinking will be integrated that we will scarcely recognize our own mind-sets from today. If you doubt this, just think back to your mind-set of ten years ago and observe the huge shift. Collectively, we've all moved with such tremendous strides and these next years will expand even farther into these new domains of Spiritual Intelligence. The Human information/processing systems are currently undergoing dynamic transformations world wide as new ways of dealing with 'reality' are being recognized that address the nebulous realm of the non-linear aspects of All That Is.

I've found evidence of this in my connection with whales and dolphins. One of the most important aspects of human-cetacean interaction is their ability to demonstrate another form of communication between sentient species that reaches beyond the limitations of our linear information streams. That's a big one. Unfortunately most "scientific" studies of human-dolphin interaction strictly adhere to linear constructs and treat cetaceans as a "lower" life form and therein lose any opportunity for meaningful communication. Such is the plight of all linear thought and perhaps one of the intrinsic reasons for the rampant dysfunctionality in the current social order. However, we now have an opportunity to expand our perspectives to embrace this Invisible Universe.

At a source level, each of us is like a fine musical instrument that has a singular frequency octave as a kind of vibrational alignment of our energy bodies. An energy stamp or signature, if you will. The cetaceans also have this and are able to open a specific harmonic resonance frequency as a means to communicate with us. The key to understanding this is that we must each choose to allow this form of communication to occur, for it cannot happen otherwise. Like tuning a radio, it requires that we openly engage our intuition and imagination to receive their waveform messages. I call it, "opening our I's". It represents the most sterling example of the so-called Co-creative process.

Now, the dolphins may come to you in physical form, but realize also they exist as a form of etheric vibrational energy. Their actual holosonic aural-energy bubbles easily extend up to five miles, even onto the land, and can directly affect the liquid elements within our bodies. And, when you are open with the intention to be hypersensitive to the dolphins, the liquid in one's body is already responding to the energy frequencies of the dolphins. There is a Huna saying, "Energy flows where attention goes."

On this non-verbal (non-local) vibrational level, the dolphins have shown me that an empathic space of Love without condition can actually exist, and within that feeling energy, is the very connection to the Source of Everything. The cetaceans are in that special state of balance all the time and they openly invite me and others who are willing, to share that space with them. Respectfully. Ultimately, it requires that you go beyond your fear of such an unknown to embrace the idea that beyond all Fear, beyond all doubt, is Love. It becomes more than a belief. It is a knowing.

If you have a chance to encounter dolphins or whales, instead of seeing them with just your eyes, begin to look at them from your heart. When you intentionally invite them to be a part of you, this becomes interesting for them, because you then open a channel for a new kind of information to exchange. This exchange is never about fear.

The dolphins can show us what it's like to feel this way and you don't even need to physically be with them. Their perception includes the etheric realms of pure energy and supports an understanding of the liquidness of consciousness as they invite us to participate in that part of our own awareness. The more you are willing and able to allow this possibility the more that will come in and progressively, the more you will begin to remember of who you really are as a conscious water-being.

So, how might this manifest itself within our mind? Imagine this outside informational frequency begins with the muscles and sinews of the body where the sound vibrations are felt resonating in our bones, teeth and cartilage. It then vibrates the liquid consistency within us that in turn is absorbed into our blood and then to the central nervous system. The nerves all connect to the spine and the energy moves up the spine, spiraling from the lower root to our crown, activating each energy center along the way, commonly known as the chakra points. Like a rainbow that reflects light passing through water, we have identified seven of these centers inside the body from ancient times. This frequency then, perhaps after some amount of time, reaches the brain that transcribes it into linear information.

Then one day, while you a sitting quietly, maybe having a cup of tea, suddenly a bubble of information will raise up from inside and you proclaim, "Ah-ha!", and this sublime energy is transformed into a thought form that is released from your crown chakra point out the top of your head. This then becomes a unique energy bubble-ring of thought. It is this singular creation that the dolphins and other conscious energy beings, are most interested in as they are keenly aware of this etheric realm and consciously spend most of their time within it.

Consider this. The dolphins have evolved a lifestyle where they have very little survival needs, abundant food, no need for shelter from weather, practically an entire planet to move around, no enemies per se (except for man), a great sex life and a good social order with little to no stress. Plus, they have all of this time left over to do anything they wish to do with their enormous brains. So, what do you think they do with all this extra time and mental capacity?

For millions of years they have been playing in these high frequencies of thought form energies and can easily recognized every other etheric form that has ever been made not only by humans, but by plants, minerals and Gaia herself as a pulsing energy with each one being unique onto itself. Such realms are mostly alien to us and could easily be from anywhere in the cosmos for that matter. For the only thing that truly separates us from the center of our galaxy, is the illusion of Time and Space which is but a mental construct of the brain. We may let go of it anytime we wish and this is a vital part of what the dolphins have to show us. It's safe to do this!

Most of us get caught up worrying about what is going on in the lower, denser realms. Many, however, are now learning more about what is in these higher, lighter frequencies. This is what lays before us now -- a vast new territory of exploration, and the cetaceans are offering to guide us if we wish them to. They will not intrude upon us, for it is not their way. We must learn to open to them from the inside-out.

My quest in coming together with the dolphins has been to gain a taste of what their perspective may feel like, and to anchor or secure it within myself as an experiential awareness. Many others are doing the same. It then becomes a seed that grows within us and in turn, those who know us and many more that we will never know but are affected by our choices none-the-less. This is a big part of the unending miracle of what we've come to experience in the dimension of existence. I believe it is part of the unfolding drama that reveals the next major step in our human evolution. It is the essence of the evolving atmospheres of human consciousness as we liquify our perceptions of All That Is.

-Douglas Webster, 2005