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Orbs, Bubbles and Probes

Project Bluestar




Orb from Solstice 2011

orb bril


Orbs seem to be ET consciousnesses, but I don't think we know the entire story as yet. There seems to be many uses and understandings of Orbs. Perhaps they are Probes, collecting information from the Earth plane.

In Hawaii we take pictures all the time during meditations and dolphin encounters. We even have some sightings of Orbs in the ocean around the dolphins and whales and swimmers..

I've found there are some beautiful transparent Orbs that can be enlarged in the computer. Then we can see that they are filled with geometric shapes and even face-like images at times. Then there are also balls of light that appear more solid. I have seen them in the forest (in contact with Sasquatch!)

Sasquatch orbs

These are bright, 3 inch large flashlight type beams, but they have no ray of light shining onto the ground or anywhere. They are small, self-contained, free-floating balls that are VERY bright in the darkness of night when I am enjoying the glowing embers of an outdoor fire. They are about waist-high and moving thru the nearby trees.

Sasquatch orbs Sasquatch orbs


Usually I see white ones and then there is an occasional red one. Sasquatch orb


Here in Hawaii we sometimes camp on the beach as well. One night my friend, Ariel saw a large (4 foot round) white ball that approached her in the silence of night floating along the beach toward her tent. She was a little startled by it since we frequent that beach nearly every day and do not see anything like that! On this night, other campers remained asleep and saw nothing, as is often the case. My friend Ariel, asked it to come closer and it did. As it continued to approach even closer, Ariel felt a little nervous. She didn't want the nervousness to scare it away and so she asked it to stop and stay where it was. It responded immediately. Ariel enjoyed watching it for a long time.... amazed that with all the brightness the other campers in their tents were not awakened. Eventually it floated toward the waters edge and then continued along the beach, passing her from a distance and moving around a bend, out of sight.

I have seen this kind of ball also in the woods. These are large ones rather than the 2 inch ones. Once a military jeep came along and seemed to be looking for something in the woods as they slowly drove by. I was sitting outside in the dark, my fire being nearly out. I don't think they saw me. The large Ball of Light seemed able to "hide" from them in the forest and then proceeded to follow the jeep after it made a U turn and headed back out of the forest. In that moment, I had a flash of understanding about the sense of humor of the intelligence within the Light. The Ball, possibly piloted by the E.T.s, followed the jeep, kind of rolling, bouncing along, in a very funny way and was undetected by the soldiers who were only looking straight ahead.

In my experience these globes of light serve a variety of purposes. The small ones have been called Dream Walkers by the Sasquatch. The larger ones can represent entire E.T. vehicles that operate outside of Time & Space limitations. When approaching a four foot ball of light and looking inside of it, you suddenly see an entire craft that may be as large as a football field or greater. This is a 5th Dimensional phenomenon that adheres to the science of advanced physics.

Mike's ETV
Mike's ETV photo, 2005




I have video footage of balls of light moving over wheat fields and creating crop circles.
This video is entitled, "The Crop Circle Lectures", by Michael Glickman, Video Number 7, "The Pi Hypothesis, The Big Triangles")


Marianne & Jonathan with the Orbs


Standing near the falls
Of an effervescent glow
It's all about life
And how to let it flow
Watching balls of light
Flying day and night
Finding light so clear
Holding love so near.


Jonathan Ellis 1/5/04





A letter to Joan from Dr. Richard Boylan ………

Regarding my presentation at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, we acknowledged the presence of hundreds of
levitating orbs there, especially in the giant lecture hall, but also in
the practice fields. These were captured on film. These orbs are
energy consciousnesses who are interested in observing humans who
are pursuing important inner development. Many of them are Star
Visitor energy beings and some are quasi-incarnations of humans
who have passed on. My talk was very well received. It covered everything from the revised history of the human race (including Star Visitor intervention ancient and current) to Star Visitor-human encounters and the rapid transformation of the human race (presaged by the emergence of Star Seeds and Star Kids.) And the students were most impressed when a photo of my lecturing (shown afterwards) revealed a very luminous orb the size of a medicine ball resting on my left shoulder like a parrot. One staff person quipped, "Now we know where Dr. Boylan gets his sources." Ramtha made a surprise visit later after my talk to give an impromptu talk of his own. He honored me by coming over and kissing my hands and Third Eye spot (forehead) before returning to the lectern to give his teachings.

I encouraged dialogue with the energy orbs who are present; and staff led an exercise to communicate with the orbs and seek validation by the orb manifesting within its circle some sign of "communication received". In previous attempts some students had seen an orb with a letter initial showing, which answered their question. I look forward to re-immersing with this sincere and high-minded group of spiritual and metaphysical practitioners. The world is a better place for the advanced students being graduated from this program. Such will help move us from Fourth World stagnation to Fifth World cosmic, ecological, egalitarian society.
So be it!

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC Behavioral scientist, exo-anthropologist, researcher, hypnotherapist








Pilot whales in the light with bubble orbs around them, August, 2003.


Pilots with bubble orbs


Pilots snd bubble orbs







Bubble Orbs appear at Sky Ranch for the August 12, 2003 Portal Opening:



Night Orbs around the fire



Closeup by the fire


Orb close up next to Jack
Close up of Orb next to Jack.



"These orbs are energy consciousnesses who are interested in observing humans when they pursue important inner development. Many of them are Star Visitor energy beings. We encourage dialog with these energy orbs."
-- Dr. Richard Boyland





ORBS in Australia at Sydney Harbor



Sydney Harbor Orb Closeup



People at Sydney Harbor Close up of orb on shirt
[Photos by Elaine Thompson]







Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich
with orbs on the campaign trail at Arizona State University.


ASU speech with orbs in air Evening speech with orbs right after Pascua Yaqui Elder blessing
[Photos by Matt Croft]



The orb spirits really liked the elemental fire dances! They filled the air!

Love, Liz (from Australia)




veto mt






Bubble Phenomena






Many years ago the dolphins told me there were 5 types of powerful energy sources available right now to people on Earth that was not as yet being utilized.

They proceeded to teach me about them. One was anti-gravity, one was the use of hydrogen "as used on the Sun" with the waste product being water, one was fission, one was the power of group thoughts and intentions and the last one was something I could not understand.

Since then, there has been advanced scientific research regarding gravity and fission and hydrogen. People meditating around the world are utilizing the power of pod mind (group thought/prayer). But the last one I couldn't identify. As usual when I cannot interpret a transmission from the dolphins, they send me an acoustic image. Acoustic imagery is a picture made in the ocean using their sounds and it creates an image of the message within me, so the intelligence in my cells can translate it. What the dolphins showed me was: BUBBLES.





Delacate OrbThe dolphins often play with bubbles of air that they make from their blowholes. We have seen them make bubbles as large as twelve-inches across which they gently push around beneath the surface, preventing them from rising to the surface. They treat these delicate orbs with great care and are able to keep them in bubble form for as long as two minutes before they intentionally burst them by biting them or pushing them to the surface. Sometimes a dolphin releases a large bubble from his blowhole and then gently blows a series of small bubbles into the larger one. It is very beautiful to watch. On many occasions they seem to do this just to entertain us, as if they know we enjoy their art.




Jeff with bubbles.

Dolphin Connection. All rights reserved.


Dolphin Connecton. All rigths reserved.The dolphins have a wonderful ability to control the size, shapes and quantity of the bubbles they make as they eliminate air from their blowholes underwater. Once, a group of ten dolphins swimming beneath me simultaneously released a group of large, eight-inch bubbles, which began wobbling slowly up toward the surface. I stopped swimming to observe the silvery, undulating discs magically rising. When the bubbles were within five feet of me, I watched in amazement as a line of small, fast bubbles came skyrocketing up from the dolphins below, and hit the large bubbles – every one – causing them to burst in the water like bottles in a shooting gallery! What a beautiful sight, as the large, silvery baubles burst into sparkling, popping rainbows and the small bubbles scattered in all directions. How had they done that? Such coordination, combined with a great sense of play. I felt they had created that vision just for my observation and amusement. I was duly impressed.


My special friend, Researcher Suchi Psarakos, worked for many years on a research project with captive bottlenose dolphins on the island of Oahu. The dolphins began making bubble rings in their tank at the same time the Spinner dolphins began demonstrating their bubble rings here in the bay where I live on the Big Island. These are not the normal sphere-shaped or dome-shaped bubbles that we see nearly every day. These are rings like basketball hoops or like halos. When the dolphins make these bubbles below us, they increase in size as they rise to the surface. Watching them come up towards me, I naturally dive to meet it. Swimming straight down, entering the center of the ring very gently and carefully so as not to break it with my fins or disturb it with moving water, I exit below it. Then swimming to the surface for air, I watch the silvery ring disintegrate in the ocean waves. Perhaps the dolphins are thinking, "Look, the humans have intelligence! They know how to swim through a hoop."



Dolphin bubble ring.

There are Humpback Whales who make similar Bubble Rings – only much larger!

There is a whale who we meet in the Dominican Republic who enjoys making these rings for the pleasure of the observers. These rings are five to ten feet across and can be seen as they ascend quickly through the blue water as huge white rolling ringed halos. Reaching the surface they explode with powerful bursts of air and spray. Often the whale who is making these amazing rings, then swims to the surface and spy-hops out of the water in the precise center of the newly created white foam ring. He seems very appreciative of the applause of the people as he takes his bow!

Regular dolphin bubblesCould there be a connection? Was it the Hundredth Monkey effect? Or, have they always been making bubble rings and we are only now entering the water with them to observe this wonderful behavior? In our three-dimensional reality the captive dolphins on Oahu and the free-swimming dolphins on the Big Island began making them at the same time. I thought it could possibly relate to the deep friendship between Suchi and I. In the past I would dismiss ideas like that as anthropomorphic. However, through the years, I have learned that ideas such as this, that come into our awareness, are in fact presented to us by the dolphins themselves. Was it a message to both of us about the telepathic closeness between friends and species — a telepathic skill we also possess though rarely use? Was it just a coincidence that they were all observed doing this for the first time on the same date? The researchers on Oahu responded by blowing soap bubble rings into the air for the pleasure of the dolphins observing them. Again the dolphins had succeeded in creating a playful attitude among the serious species known as humans!



Bubble Art Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

In the tanks, as in the sea, the dolphins use their tails to create a spiral in the water and then blow air into this spiral. This creates a donut ring which spins and remains in place. They also use their sonar emissions to prevent the bubbles from rising to the surface. Focusing on the ring, they send sonar waves to it and seem to enjoy the dancing effect on the edge of the silvery hoop as the sonar makes invisible contact, visible.

Seeing this behavior, we began to mimic the dolphins as usual. Diving deeply where the water is undisturbed, rolling onto our backs, removing the snorkel mouth piece, pursing our lips and blowing air out of our mouth around our extended tongue, we can create a bubble ring in the same way smokers can make smoke rings. (And Mt Etna too – see pictures on this page) Suchi having had first hand teachings from the dedicated bottlenose dolphins is still the champion ring maker among swimmers. She was able to make ten rings during one dive, with one breath. Next she began blowing two rings in succession, which often make an infinity symbol as they ascend and merge. Here is a photograph Suchi took of our friend, Lorn making a bubble ring.



Recently my friend, Kathleen Shelton, brought me footage she has taken of captive Beluga whales at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada. To my amazement I watched as one Beluga named, Isis, made perfect bubble rings from her mouth! It looked just like someone blowing smoke rings. Isis looked so cute pursing her white lips and gently blowing out a perfect small ring that increased in size. To my astonishment, she even inhaled the bubble ring back into her mouth, and blew it out again perfectly intact. Then she watched it ascend.

I'm sure the Bubble Ring story is not over yet. Stay tuned. . .



I was aware that the dolphins use bubbles often. They once explained that we (humans) can 'see' bubbles in the water much better than we can see them in the air. And they used this analogy to explain that there are many things around us in the ethers that we do not see with our three dimensional way of looking, but that exist never-the-less.


Bubble Art Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

When I am swimming far from land and floating dreamily on the blue waters surrounded by dolphins a thought I had never had before, would enter my mind, followed by a flood of information regarding that thought.

For example, I felt myself co-mingling with particles of the water, feeling as though the water were flowing in me and through me, as though my body had become a fluid substance. I let myself remain in that easy dream state.

I then began to understand how the molecules of water and air interact with each other and with our physical forms that have the same composition. I 'saw' how thoughtforms are carried by oxygen in the water. How other forms in the water have their essences, their vibrating physical matter, moving into the streams of liquid, and connecting with other conscious forms there. I understood how messages can be conveyed on this air - water conduit, and that this is a method of receiving the awareness of other life forms. These bubbles had flowing shapes that were sometimes visible to the human eye.



Bubble Art Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

Thoughtforms that transformed matter and energy were not individual thoughts, but the combined thought waves of many people and patterns that had merged together.



Harmony, Jean-Luc Bozzoli






Bubble Art by Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

This system of communication was experienced in the water, but I soon began to receive these large quantities of information when I was quiet, alone, sitting on the beach or in my living room. I experienced this communication as an energy field that surrounded me like a "Bubble" or 'Sphere,' within which, I was totally immersed in the expansive data waves.

This was not an experience of channeling or meditation. The energy field appeared as an expansion of my own aura. It originated from my body's bioelectric, crystalline system, and was triggered by a harmony with nature and a sense of health and well-being. This reminded me of the state of mind that is experienced in dolphin contacts. Perhaps this harmonic wavelength activates a chemical reaction in my DNA or cell structures that creates this electric field. It is as though multiple brain synapses are all firing at once but not merely in my brain. The data-receptors in my entire body are activated.


As I continued to relax into this mind expansion, I began to understand more and more through my own processes, the method of communication that the dolphins were using and trying to communicate to humans who hoped to break the barriers in interspecies communication.

It is a method that by-passes words and uses holographic imagery, tones, and feelings to convey huge quantities of knowledge in a brief time. In some way it stimulates a knowledge-bank that already exists within the cell structure of humans. Within the very fiber of vibrating physical matter, in humans and in cetaceans, and probably in all life forms.

The quality of its expression may be dependent on the being

Photo by Merri Lu Parks.

The dolphins make words and pictures with bubbles, they demonstrate cooperative cultural behavior by creating bubble nets to catch schools of fish. The whales do this too. They also make bubble walls as they swim in front of us, and when we swim through these, the cetaceans have disappeared. Everything that the dolphins and whales show me has a lesson or greater wisdom inherent in the visual or sound/vibration being revealed.




Joan's journal entry from November 25, 2002:

This morning I went for a swim at Kealakekua Bay in the hopes of seeing the Bottlenose dolphins again who have been there for the past 2 days with the Spinners. Entering the Bay, I saw two Pacific Bottlenose near the Spinner dolphins and immediately chose to swim with them.

As we swam along together, I copied their every move turning when they turn, breathing when they breathe, diving deeply and stopping to look at fish below I soon found I was in an altered state of awareness. No one else was around except Jack Davis. We swam on and on. AS we swam along, I kept my eyes open and was surprised to suddenly notice Orbs floating in the water. I blinked my eyes in case it was just a vision I had misinterpreted, or a creation of tired eyes from staring through my mask for too long. Then I moved my gear from side to side in case I was seeing marks on my lenses. But no, the Orbs remained in view. I saw round spheres of differing sizes from 2 inches to 8 inches. They were floating at different depths and were different colors. They were also transparent and very beautiful. It I looked too hard with my 3-dimensional vision, I could not see them. When I relaxed and looked softly, they were clearly there. As my eyes watched this, my thinking mind was amazed. These spirit balls looked just like those I had recently seen in a photo from a friend of mine. She gave me a picture she took of a Spotted dolphin in Hawaii when we were in Seminar here. The water in the picture was very blue and in the picture were floating colorful Orbs

On my website I have other pictures of bubbles and spheres such as these. The spheres are free floating in the air, mostly around people at a spiritual gathering and also in the gardens outside. They are exactly the same ones.




I enjoy seeing these beautiful Orbs as I swim among the dolphins in the warm aqua waters of Hawaii.



 Bubble in sky above whale spout by Cheyenne.
Notice the bubble sphere in the sky above the Humpback whale's spout. 



Bubbles are nature's way of finding the most optimal shapes to encircle certain elements.

It is easy to make bubbles physically, but not so easy to define the mathematical parameters of bubbles. 



Bubble Art Jean-Luc Bozzoli.



Parallel Universes Really Exist

Cosmologists infer the presence of parallel universes (according to an article in Scientific American, May 2003), by scrutizing the properties of our universe. These properties, including the strength of the forces of Nature and the number of observable space and time dimensions, were established, they believe, by random processes during the birth of our universe. These parallel universes have exactly the values that sustain life, suggesting the existence of other universes.

A somewhat more elaborate type of parallel universe emerges from the theory of cosmic inflation. The idea is that our multiverse, which is namely our universe and neighboring regions of space, is a bubble embedded in an even vaster but mostly empty volume. Other bubbles exist out there, disconnected from ours. They nucleate like raindrops in a cloud. During nucleation, variation in quantum fields endow each bubble with properties that distiguish it from other bubbles.

Bubble Nucleation

The Quantum Field causes space to expand rapidly. In the bulk of space random fluxuations prevent the field from decaying away. But in certain regions, the quantum field loses its strength and the expansion slows down. These regions become bubbles.

Space as a whole is stretching and will continue to do so forever, but some regions of space stop stretching and form distinct bubbles. Infinitely many such bubbles emerge. Each is an embryonic multiverse: infinite in size and filled with matter deposited by the energy field that advanced inflation.

I learned that going through a time warp into parallel realities is now being done with Bubble Technology.

Bubble Art Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

SPACE TIME BUBBLES are the closest modern Earth's physics comes to the 'warp drive' used in Star Trek and by other star beings. It can convey a starship at high speeds.

Space-time contracts at the front of the bubble, reducing the distance to the destination, and expands at its rear, increasing the distance from its starting point. The ship itself stands still relative to space immediately around it. No acceleration is experienced.



Bubble Art Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

I have seen in the ocean something very unusual, that for lack of a better word, I called Probes because these bubbles seem to be collecting data from the ocean.

One experience of this, was when I took a group on a large boat and we slept overnight on the deck in sleeping bags (21 people) As we awoke, early in the morning, we saw the dolphins all around our boat. With great joy we pulled on our bathing suits and rolled into the beautiful warm ocean. As we swam and dived, we began to notice blue bubbles beneath us. At first we paid no special attention to them since the dolphins are often making bubbles from their blowholes. I have seen many different types of bubbles and even bubble rings that the dolphins and whales regularly create. I call it bubble art. But I began to realize that there was something different about these "bubbles." I stopped swimming among the pods and floated above one of these "bubbles"



Dome illustration by Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

First I noticed it was blue. Then I noticed it was not rising to the surface. It was maintaining it's position about 15 feet below me. As I looked below, I noticed there were a number of them spread out here and there as far as I could see. Because they were blue it was not so easy to spot them in the water, but as I continued to focus my eyes, I began to see more and more, deep below. They were different sizes. And they were actually flat on the bottom and dome shaped on top. At about that time one of my group members noticed them too and we all convened to observe these orbs. We floated above them without making a sound and just observed. Finally I decided to dive down and examine it more closely. As I approached, a five inch floating bubble dome, it suddenly disappeared. Everyone observed this. What was unusual about this, was that it did not pop like a bubble. There were no little bubbles, no foam, no molecules of air residue remaining in the water as there always is when a dolphin bubble pops. The little dome just disappeared instantaneously. Seeing this, the other members of the group also dove down and each orb disappeared as we approached it. I have seen many air bubbles around the dolphins, they look like mercury bubbles, round on top and flat on the bottom, they are white, transparent and ascending, not milky blue and stationery as are these blue dome phenomena.



DolphinsPink saucer with dolphins




Solar Wind Driven Magnetic Bubble for Interplanetary Travel

Years ago the dolphins told me there are five fields of advanced energy available to people on Earth that are not as yet being utilized here. These have been described briefly on another part of this website. To help me understand the Fifth type of energy they had in mind, they sent me an Acoustic Image (sound picture) of it. It was the image of a Bubble. I have since that time been researching technological uses of Bubbles. I have uncovered many interesting expressions of bubble technology including: a golden dome of energy that encases us for protection and maintaining our own fields of energy, a high powered stream of miniscule bubbles that removes paint from the underside of boats and buildings, the use of bubbles for warp drive in time-travel, the etheric bubble of knowledge that surrounds us when we are in contact with the dolphins and whales, the particles of the universe that are seen as labyrinths of connecting bubbles, the bubbles of light seen in the presence of crop circles and also in photographs when people are meditating or in the presence of nature spirits, the interplanetary 'probes' seen in the ocean in the presence of the dolphins, etc.

Now I would like to share information about the Bubble known as Earth Magnetosphere. It is the extension into space of our familiar magnetic field. It is a Bubble of charged particles that are trapped within the magnetic environment of our planet. The Bubble around Earth known as the magnetosphere deflects solar wind gusts. When the solar wind comes to the Earth, it meets the Earth magnetic field and most of the tiny particles in the solar wind are pushed around the Earth because of this encircling magnetic Bubble. These particles begin their journey around the Earth in a curve just like water makes a curved wave in front of the bow of our boats. The charged particles flow around the magnetosphere and stretch into a long tail. Tremendous energy is released by this transfer of solar wind from the Sun to the Earth.

Our planet sits at the heart of the bubble, which occupies a volume at least 1000 times greater than Earth itself. This magnetosphere acts something like a solar sail. The solar wind pushes on the magnetosphere constantly, but fortunately Earth is too massive to blow away. We may be able to create a magnetic, fuel-efficient Bubble around a spacecraft and use this powerful energy to ride the solar wind from planet to planet.



Jean-Luc Bozzoli, 2002.

For human travelers, the greatest advantage of this Bubble travel is its safety features. The Bubble would shield travelers from cosmic rays and solar flares. It could be the first externally-powered fusion engine for advanced propulsion. The engine is the Sun itself, the Bubbles just ride along on the exhaust. Magnetic Bubbles could soon become the space ships of the near future.



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