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Ocean Encounters with ET Intelligences












Kinsley Jarrett

Kinsley Jarrett, a long-time friend, lives in Australia with his loving wife, Val – a true Light Being. They recently talked with me on the phone. It was good to hear Kinsley

As you look at his drawings on this website, you will see some pictures of dolphins in pools. They are not in captivity. These dolphins are in an underwater space vehicle and are interacting with the light and sound transmissions on board, assisting in the information storage and interpretation of frequencies and underwater sea life on Earth. The cetaceans interact with civilizations who are friends of the Earth and who have the capability of living in underwater spaceships that guide and operate the advanced technology of frequency-shifting vibrations, balancing Earth's harmonic fields and allowing hyperspace travel.

In Hawaii, where I conduct Dolphin and ET Seminars, I have personally witnessed underwater vehicles coming and going from the ocean. I have sighted pods of dolphins entering an area where underwater ships are located, and I have seen new unidentified pods of dolphins suddenly appear from that area of the ocean.

During Seminars, I lead meditations while the craft is silently beneath us. We remote view the occupants, acknowledge their presence and learn about their interactions with the cetaceans here. I have also seen transparent dome-shaped ships entering the water without disturbing the surface at all. These ships are silent and almost invisible, except for the occasional beam of sunlight that reflects on their surface as they descend.

The presence of underwater UFOs and dolphin civilizations from other planets is well known within classified government projects. They have had contact with dolphinoid beings.

Kinsley Jarrett has been aboard spacecraft himself. His artistic skills and clear memory have allowed him to produce remarkably detailed images of his spacecraft experiences. He graciously gave me these drawings to be posted here for your enjoyment.



"Contact" ©Kinsley Jarrett

Enhancing EM fields, ©Kinsley Jarrett

 Probe separating from spacecraft, ©Kinsley Jarrett

ET and Aboriginal, ©Kinsley Jarrett

Dolphins in spaceship, ©Kinsley Jarrett

Spaceship in Ocean, ©Kinsley Jarrett

Transducer Beam, ©Kinsley Jarrett



Valla Beach, Australia

Message received by Kinsley Jarett

That which you call a grid and which you saw through the eyes of the Higher Self can not be seen by the ordinary eyes for although as human beings one's eyes are suitably equipped to function within a wide range of frequencies, they are nevertheless limited to the ultra-high ranges in which we exist. This is why most of our craft and ourselves seem often to be invisible. Yet we exist in what is to us quite a wonderful realm of existence. Had we not wished to be revealed to you, and even though your perceptiveness had been raised, you would have been unable to see the image or record the activities. We have allowed this to be documented so that such activities may be shared with your closest friends according to your discretion. It has already been known that a so-called grid system has been positioned in this locality. It is an extension from the common grid, which circles the Earth. This network has been placed under water and within the Earth aeons ago and is constantly under repair. This is a requirement brought about by the continual advancement of Earth 's technologies and due to the earth movements. In brief, the main purpose of the grid is to enable our craft to more easily track accurately to any mapped position on the Earth globe, whenever the urgent necessity of our presence is required, whether this be requested by Humans or not, for we take our commands
Enhancing EM fields, ©Kinsley Jarrett from the governing Universal Spirit Source. We have placed ultra-sensitive equipment upon certain grid locations, which you have envisaged as pyramid shapes. These adhere to the grid sections using our form of electro-magnetic force fields, which transmit information to us on matters, which would be of little interest to you or any Human Being at this time. Let us assure you however, that because we are in service to the Divine Source, no harm will be caused. All of you are dearly loved unconditionally and it is the hope of all that before too long, in your linear time, we will become united caring for each other, the cetaceans and for all of the creatures of life upon the glorious globe of Earth.

We bless you and thank you for your continued interest


We greet you again. Further to previous light information may we add that changes are taking place upon the earth throughout all the dimensions as high frequency energies are now more obviously affecting all Creation and it is wise for one who is so awakened to be in harmony with such changes. You are part of the integral Universal plan. The vortexes provide greater energies to the earth and likewise within your own energy centers when you are in alignment with the Consciousness. This will cause the release of limitations and create a greater sense of freedom from such densities. These vortexes also help in our transmission and transportation for we are another part in the important transformation years.

All we require of those who are awakened is that you send out your light and love.

In this way we will all eventually return to the truth of all that is and become citizens of the Universe together.


March 5, 1992

We greet you all again dear lights and realize that there are some questions in your minds regarding the portrayal of that which was seen through the heightened consciousness of the artist.

Our answers are befitting for this time, and the image being one which we hoped to successfully project, was transmitted from our memory banks in such a manner which would allow for its strength of imagery to be seen within a similar environment to the original. This occurred according to your time reckoning many, many years ago, or if you like, during the period when Lemuria had subsided.

The image is most meaningful to us, for it records an historic moment when we had the pleasure of making our acquaintance with the race of dark beings whose present relatives you refer to as aboriginal.

ET and Aboriginal, ©Kinsley Jarrett

Some of their ancestors of course migrated from Lemuria much earlier. The image portrays the symbolic exchange of gifts from the universal space beings to the beings of earth and vice versa.

Of course, contacts had been made a millennia before this and indeed there were races of beings who allowed us into their cultures.

There were those of us who actually desired to experience before attempting such a merger again.

However, we have continued to care for the hu man, the God man being and in this present day and age of enlightenment are making ourselves known again, especially to those of you who are open and willing to know truth and experience a broadening within your dimension. This is a slower process but a far more spiritual one and eventually it will be successful.

Those of you who aspire to the Christ consciousness within you and activate it daily in your lives will be among the sensitive beings with whom we and others akin to us will make contacts in various ways.

There is no urgency or cause for alarm for everything is designed and destined for the full expression of love which passes all understanding. All will take place and form in the Creator's time through each of us universally.

We are near to you all with unconditional love and we thank you for your interest and bless you for being who you are.



Dophins in Space, Project Blue Star
Dolphins in Space: "Project Blue Star"




Crop Circles

In 1974 a digitally encoded message was beamed from a Puerto Rico radio telescope out into space by a team of U.S. SETI astronomers. It was sent as a digitized code that can be reconstructed into an image directed to any life forms that could receive this message. This image included information about our Earth civilization with data about our human body chemistry, our DNA, our height and appearance, our population numbers, our solar system with our sun, and our means of transmitting messages into space.

Binary Code & Radio Signal glyph.
Crop Circle OF 2001 and Radio Glyph of 1974

In August of 2001, an answer was returned to us as a Crop Circle for all the world to see. It contained similar information to the one we sent out, from a civilization attempting to communicate with us. To do this, they were somehow able to send their message through a means more advanced than any technology we now possess. In their transmission it appears they say they use telepathy to transmit to us.

As you look at the image here, you will see the comparison between the transmission we sent and the one that is returned to us. Kintan Dunne has described their coded message to us, this way:

First Contact

"Hello Earth. We are replying to your message describing yourselves - which we have understood. We too are a hydrocarbon lifeform with a similar mathematics and logic. We are sending an image of our face which shows us humanoid like you. However we have a slightly different DNA structure and we are smaller than you with larger heads. We inhabit three of the planets in our solar system and one moon.

We did not use a radio telescope to send you this message but a telepathic beam technology. We used a hyperspace capability to intercept your spacetime message and are using hyperspace also to reply."

It is believed they sent this message to us, in the way it had come to them. Not to precisely the same Puerto Rico radio telescope that we transmitted from in 1974, but to another radio telescope. That has the hallmarks of a telepathic communication. Their message was telepathically transmitted to return it to "source". The Earth did it's best to meet those parameters when it used a field beside a radio telescope on which to draw the image. The ET transmission is interacting with our biosphere to draw these glyphs.



Crop Circle Field with codes
Radio Station Site

Crop circle face, August 14, 2001
Crop Circle Face 8/14/01

Crop Circle Binary Code
Binary Code 8/20/01


Regarding the Sparsholt ET face formation:

ET head and disk, August 14, 2002


Click here for a personal story of Palden Jenkins on site experience.

This crop circle of an ET face is formed next to a microwave station. This is giving us a clue about how to contact them with our technology. According to Palden Jenkins, microwave systems are ideal because they offer superior high-speed wideband links for video and digital telecommunication signals to and from space. This medium provides services such as cellular phones, television programming and emergency services.

The 2002 crop circle of the ET face contains a disc that appears to be the same format as a DVD or a CD-ROM disc when looked at under high magnification. Looking at it, you would see blocks representing digital bits of information. The blocks of information are organized as a spiral. These can be decoded into letters and then words. See the message as written in my LFAS and UFO letter.

This information is copyright by http://www.yowusa.com/Archive/August2002/crabwood1/crabwood1.htm





Dolphin Crop circle, August 12, 2002

As you know we are receiving messages from ETs via encoded Crop Circles.

For the past 4 years there has been an increasingly informative, ongoing message from an ET civilization that has culminated in the ET face and disk at Sparsholt, UK, this August, 2002.

This seems very significant to me and so I am sharing it with you on this website. For additional, indepth analysis please check the following websites:




Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth



Steven Ingersole

Art for me is a limitless form of expression. I recall as a child drawing many sketches over and over on paper as if they were a storyboard of a movie playing out the adventures of my mind. Even in primary school the brown paper bags I wrote my lunch orders on were adorned with my artwork.

It was also around this age I became fascinated by stories of U.F.O

A majority of my art is extraterrestrial in nature, and I fully agree we are not alone in this multiverse. As mankind explores the fact that we truly are more than meets the eye and that we all extend beyond the physical, we will awaken to our full potential. Then the love and assistance from our other worldly friends will become more apparent, and the once called fantastic will become real. The incredible will become credible and science fiction will become science fact.

These are great times of change on mother earth and the potential is there for heaven and earth to flourish for all.

For those of you who wish to have an illustration of your own other worldly guardian you can contact me on sistargate@hotmail.com. Art work is $40.00 Australian, plus postage and handling.


Steven E.T. Ingersole

©Drawng by Steven Ingersole

©Drawng by Steven Ingersole

Hollow Earth

©Drawng by Steven Ingersole

" Telepathy Is the Key to Interdimensional Communications with ETS".
by Kelvin Tan from Singapore

Here is the explanations of the graphic:
In the 3rd eye region of the alien's face, Planet Earth is represented by a round circle marked with a cross "+" This means that when earth-beings wish to communicate with ETs, they do so by means of ESP or through telepathy.

The 3 semi-circles attached to the arrows are believed to be Alien sign language or symbols which means - "Interdimensional Communication".

The two sets of arrows pointing into different directions of the sky means, earth-beings could communicate with our "Space brothers". While the arrows pointing downwards(the oceans) means, we can also communicate with our "Sea brothers" - the cetaceans.....dolphins & whales.

When I joined up the 3 semi-circles together, a triangle was automatically formed. I did not draw the triangle myself.

Space ships within both eye sockets of the alien means, we sometimes see them flying over our skies.


Elaine Thompson, UK. Artist and Author, "Voices From Our Galaxy"

SIRIAN: "We can take on whichever body form you wish to see us in. Our energy fields can change to suit various dimensional levels -- for example, seventh, sixth and fifth. There are some races living on our planet that have a very humanoid form, and have physically solid crafts in which they travel. They don't 'travel' the universe as you on Earth understand it; they time-warp from one place to another by thought conduction. Your concepts on Earth of Time & Space are different."

"We as a race of people, radiate the colour blue from the mineral gypsum in our bodies. It soaks into our skin and it's in the water, so not only do we have blue eyes, but we have a blue sheen to our skin as well."


Sirian Being, ©Elaine Thompson ©Elaine Thompson

©Elaine Thompson ©Elaine Thompson


ARCTURAN: "The energy fields that surround us extend over vast distances, and we absorb our sustenance for life from the energy in the air, and from the light given by the suns that our planet orbits around."

"Our ship is organic in its nature. The green glow is similar to organic chlorophyll. It flows between a membrane system throughout the ship. It provides 'Lifeforce,' or life energy because it is alive."


Channeling from Elaine Thompson on Portal Day, Big Island, Hawaii:

Tuesday, August 12, 2003.

This day and all the days to follow are about raising awareness, the power of choice, and non judgmental listening.

These things go hand in hand with the Grace in making

I stand here as someone who knows that you teach what you most need to learn, and in this I ask for grace and humility.

To all of you I say,

The importance of every individual living to the best and highest degree that is possible in the moment, is huge in its magnitude of importance.

Whatever it is that you are doing, if you do it well and with love, you become a force that flows out as an example for others to resonate with, and to do likewise.

Live in a state of forgiveness and allowing. Honour yourself and your path, and above all be willing to surrender to the different levels of love. Love in one of its purer levels is just

The importance of listening with the heart open allows you to understand on many levels, and to guide others from a place of wisdom and compassion.

Teach by example, love unreservedly, and forgive yourself completely as you learn the way forward. This sets you on the path out of this dimension, along the road to resonating with the source of All.

Extend your senses beyond the five you are given in this human form, and truly take on the energy field of a higher dimensional being.

Put aside the concerns of your 3rd dimensional life, and moment by moment, slide in and out of duality into oneness. The more you take this energy on, the more it becomes who you are. Listen to the resonance of the finer dimensions, and like a tuning fork, you will begin to match the frequency.

Listen to the sounds of the Portal. It is the Earth at its highest level of refinement. Ring with it and you will see the other dimensions all around you, passing through you, being you. Know that this Portal is like a sounding bell of entry that will radiate out all over the Earth like a gong struck in the light body of Earth.*** It is for you and everyone--- for every being, plant, animal and spirit that inhabits this world in which we live.

Like a door in your consciousness that has unlocked, walk through with Grace and Appreciation, and carry it with you always.

Lots of Love,

Elaine xxxx

*** The above words by Elaine Thompson mirror the E.T. Face Crop Circle message from August 12, 2002, where they used the intriguing closing words:

"Conduit Closing (Bell Sound)"

Click for entire Crop Circle message


Artist, Mme Danielle Le Feure-leclerc,


Cloudship picture on Kona, from Carol-Jean

LightDome, by Carol Jean Bradburn


Beam Ship from Pleiades


Jean-Luc Bozzoli



StarCoral©Jean-Luc Bozzoli, 2002

Jean-Luc Bozzoli was born in France and studied at Nancy and Paris Art-school.





Since he was a young child he had a strong desire to study with the beings under the Oceans.




In the aquatic space and in Nature, life forms of all kinds remind him of navigating through the magnificence of the Universe; which is his favorite art teacher. In 1970 Jean-Luc moved and traveled in the South Pacific Islands. Since 1988, he's lived at the edge of the world on the pyramidal volcanic isles of Hawaii (the best view of the stars). He says this about himself:


The intentions and visions in my life:

My art is a platform to play and communicate with the extra dimensions that Nature offers me. Each day we pass by trees, flowers or dolphins, brushing by the great opportunity to journey into the energetic portals of their ethereal and holographic fields ( of dreams) .

Inspired by the creative building blocks of these generative webs, I am now reflecting this ongoing Cosmic Dance into a co-creative relationship.

My art emerges from these "subtle matrix" within Nature that unifies All Things. And illustrates how geometrical patterns are connecting us, from our tiny atomic structures to the vast Harmonic Order of the realms of Hyperspace which hold every matter together.

My artistic way of viewing Life awakens potentials within my heart which dwell far beyond linear thinking.

In the process of the advance of human consciousness, we are of the Earth and part of a vast Universal Process, eventually adventuring us beyond Time and Space ...towards Infinity. Now, my Art-offering is a gentle way to embrace this divine legacy and feel the simple Beauties of Nature linking us to this colorful Symphony beyond the range of our sight and mind.

I used oils , acrylics and now computers to make the colors and the forms dance with Music.

My passion and love for all I see and feel in Nature, opens gates to vast horizons... a wonderful Odyssey to prepare us for change, our eternal metamorphoses.



Energies flow where attention goes... and imagination becomes our previews of life's coming attractions.



Our Heart is the vessel for the ultimate journey... a voyage into our Universe Within.


It is all pulsing within us ... where I imagine...seeing music like moving architectures in space!

Art is the Visions and Heart is the glowing Center.

www. jeanlucbozzoli .com


All images are copyright to the artists, used by permission. Please do the same if you wish to publish any of these pictures.


©ETfriends and Joan Ocean. All rights reserved.

















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