09.12.2003: Portal Report


Contact with ETs on the Big Island, 2012                                                            Joan Ocean, M.S.

This is an update about our interactive communications with our ET friends.



Contacts with our ET friends have increased over the past decade, while living on the mountain slopes of the Big Island. It is because of that contact that I relocated in the year 2000 from an oceanfront house with the dolphins to the slopes of Mauna Loa at 19.5 degrees north, the location of Kealakekua (Pathway to the gods).


Every month since I arrived in Hawaii in 1988 the Dolphinville community members have gathered to contact our ET friends. At Sky Island Ranch we meet under the stars and around a low burning fire, unless it is raining. If so we then meet in the Ranch house. The focus of this contact has been to communicate telepathically with multidimensional beings.






The people who attend are familiar with meditation.  As we enter a meditative Alpha state, we are able to be relaxed while remaining alert and aware.  We want to remain alert to receive the information and the healing that is coming to us. The group’s feedback about the experiences reveal sensations of a thick field of energy surrounding us as the Star nation people respond to our monthly gatherings.  As their vibrations surround us, we are filled with feelings of deep love and peace. It is a welcome respite from a sometimes hectic world.  As we sit in our circle, we are immersed in an uplifting, harmonic cloud of thick mist that contains the loving essence of our ET friends when they merge with us.


It is within this field of Love and Gratitude that we are able to communicate with them. This is our goal. To have telepathic contact and learn what we can do to assist the planet, our ET companions and humanity on Earth.

Until we have a unified governance on our planet, the ETs cannot make mass contact in person.  They are waiting for certain important changes to take place among the populace of Earth.  Many of our extraterrestrial and ultra terrestrial neighbors can detect the spiritual evolution of people on a given planet, by reading the vibrational frequency of that planet from a distance.

When a majority of people on Earth are asking for Peace and Compassion and demonstrating it in their personal lives, then the vibrational energy of the Earth will reveal this positive change. At that time the benevolent and altruistic ETs will be ready to meet with representatives on Earth face to face.  

Here at Sky Island Ranch we are preparing for that gathering with them.  By swimming among the loving and joyful dolphins each day, learning from them, and then assisting each other as a caring community of friends, we are helping to change the vibration of Earth.  We are also assisting our own evolution into the Light, sharing our love and healing with the dolphins and whales who surround this island and express their gratitude for our support by joining us in ever increasing numbers year after year.


As we elevate our own frequencies, and travel into the future of our island timeline, we become aware of the planned arrival of the Star nations on this planet.  We also acknowledge that many advanced and loving ET civilizations are already here, some of whom reside in the ocean waters where we swim. 

From the ET civilizations and Galactics such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Andromedans we have learned to Time Travel to parallel worlds, into the past and into the future. We do this by accessing portal tunnels on the land and interacting with fields of powerful loving energy as we meditate and join together in a spiraling circle.  Participating together in this practice helps us in a number of ways.


We learn to access abilities that have been dormant for many centuries

  1. We can enter higher dimensions and travel easily with our ET friends, benefiting from their galactic experiences.

  2. Our own frequencies are constantly being uplifted which results in events sometimes called ‘Miracles’ that are now happening regularly in our lives, ensuring a positive, fulfilling and happy way of life.

  3. We are being prepared for higher levels of consciousness such as the 5th dimension.
  4. As part of this transition into the higher dimensions, we witness objects and realities disappearing and reappearing and we are becoming comfortable with that actuality of shape-shifting.
  5. We are living in a reality that is referred to as ‘the thinning of the veil’.  Moving toward a natural world where all that you desire for fulfilling your spiritual work/play is instantly granted to you, by you. That's right, you are doing it with your Love.
  6. Negative memories from childhood or the ‘past’ no longer exist as we practice the teaching of the dolphins regarding ‘You can rewrite your past.'


  7. All questions that we have, are answered with great wisdom; often accompanied by feelings of joyful surprise and clarity.   Who is answering us?  As we join our Star relatives in the higher frequencies of Light where all is One, we have access to universal wisdom. We are able to gain answers for all our sincere questions and choices for our lives, in resonance with our Star friends.  These Beings of Light can time travel and know the future of our race and our individual lives already. They are pleased to share that information with us. As our frequencies resonate with theirs, we can access the future ourselves.  It is a field of Harmony and Empowerment, in which we acknowledge the fullness of who we are and explore our previously dormant abilities. This is very inspiring.


  8. Our Love radiates out from this island in the company of the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna spirits, the Angels of the Big Island, the dolphins and whales and touches other people and places, reminding them of their heritage of love and kinship with all beings.

  9. The energies of Love propagating here move into the greater world adding to the increased frequencies of love emanating from the planet and ensuring the arrival of our Star friends in friendship with us to assist all people and the Earth herself.
  10. The entire solar system benefits and evolves into more and more Light.

Thank you!


Arcturus, Ascended Master encountered in the Andes Mountains.

                                                                        Artworks by Jean-Luc Bozzoli 



May 15, 2004

Dear Friends,

This is an update about out interactive communications with our ET friends.

In the Fall of 2003 the ETs sent a world wide message asking humanity to sincerely invite them onto planet Earth. People on Earth responded to this long awaited sign that the time had arrived for conscious contact. When the ETs received the return communiqués from intelligent and compassionate inhabitants of Earth, they said they would respond by allowing us to see thousands of Ships in our skies. You could say, they chose to remove their "cloak of invisibility" from around their ships…. And around our eyes!

Many of us responded in the positive, at that time. We felt the love and sincerity in their communiqué and we responded in kind. Saying YES to the ET presence in our lives and for the good of Earth, we genuinely asked them to join with us in reviewing the needs on this Earth planet for health, healing, wisdom, equality and peace. We knew our ET friends were willing to assist us in overcoming unnatural divisions of power and climatic infractions on Earth. With their expertise and advanced intelligence in many fields of evolving civilizations, they could show us how to overcome unnecessary planetary challenges such as poverty, pollution, illnesses, shortages and egocentricity.

Of course we said Yes. It wasn't a new idea for the millions of Light Beings incarnated on Earth at this time. We have been waiting for this invitation and this perfect time of ET acknowledgment for Earth. We have been part of this decision-making process. In fact this is the reason we are here…. To assist humanity in this transition into a new and better world, making us part of the greater galactic civilizations.

Immediately thereafter, the Ships began to make themselves visible in our skies. They have always been here, but often, people did not see them. Now they could not be denied as they appeared in large numbers. The influx of Extraterrestrial Vehicle [ETV] sightings around the world of late is phenomenal. In many countries the ships are being reported regularly.

The ET Vehicle sightings and Air Force videos in Mexico are a major step in awakening the human psyche. The populations of Earth humans are accepting this reality of Extraterrestrial Vehicles in our skies. They are here. We have been expecting their arrival and we welcome them.

Please read on about the Mexican ETV updates and ETVehicle reports from Steven Bassett, Stan Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, Jaime Maussan, Carlos Diaz and Santiago Yturria.

Stay tuned for the next installments from them and us!

With Love,
Joan Ocean, M.S.


In 1978 THE NINE (who identified themselves as a group that includes the frequencies of the numbers from one to nine and are as bright as the Light of Sirius B) told me that in the years to come, the human form would change. We would go from a carbon based body to a silicon one. This meant very little to me although I found it interesting enough to remember their words over the following years.

Now I am in 2004. The ETs are making contact with people who have achieved a certain level of awareness, a consciousness that allows contact with higher vibrational beings. Not everyone is able to have that contact. But all of the Aware people are working toward that reality. All are doing their best to elevate their frequencies by many different means: diet, exercise, thoughts, prayer, meditation, service to humanity, education, dance, art, waking up, etc.

I am also aware that the times of great Earth changes are approaching. How do I know? Is it because many psychics are saying so? Psychics who have demonstrated a good percentage of accurate perceptions? No, it is not that, although I listen to their reports. As you know there have been messengers warning us about these changing-times since as long as I have been on Earth! It is not that. It is my own inner knowing and my own observable behavior. Anyone who observes me these days would see that I am preparing myself, my home, my land and my friends for major changes on Earth. We are getting ready. We are buying supplies, we are preparing for changes and we are asking the ETs to assist us.

I perceive the ETs assisting us now with advice, visions and experiential contacts. Then in the dawn of a new day, a new era, the ETs will be here to help us. That is when the human race on Earth will ask the ETs to join us and work with us.

This being said about the ETs I also have another piece of information direct from the ETs that not everyone is open to receive as yet. This is the understanding that here on Earth we now have individuals who can Remote View other planets, places and Times. We also, since the Philadelphia Experiment around 1943, have on Earth the capability to Time Travel. This is even more significant than remote viewing since with Time Travel you can actually intervene in another time/space reality and affect the civilizations there. Back in 1995, the dolphins showed me this when they revealed their arrival on Earth through Vertical Intervention. They came here to help humanity and they did it by responding to our call for assistance, entering our past and changing the direction we were going…. With their frequencies, with their love, with their balancing technologies, with their pod mind, their joy and their wisdom, they came onto the Earth plane through what they call "a Window in Time". They showed us who we are as Galactic People and reminded us of our Galactic relationships.

Certainly they demonstrated (as a Galactic off-planet species themselves) how to enter the future. In my book (Dolphins Into The Future) I wrote about my excursions with them into the past and future. Time is not a linear occurrence, past, present and future occur simultaneously. We could "Time Travel" and we could influence the civilizations in other time zones. The dolphins did that for us when we asked for assistance.

Knowing we on Earth can do this, you can easily accept that the ETs, much more advanced than we are, can also do this. And they are doing this - entering the past, present and future of other worlds and planets and levels of existence.

Our ET relatives have come into our present by coming from our future. In other words we are the ETs we are seeing in the sky and on the landing pads. They are us. From their time zone, our civilization on Earth has already passed through the throes of conflict and chaos. We needed to come back here and rewrite our past (as the dolphins explained in my book: Dolphins Into the Future.) With the help of the dolphins and whales, we are doing this.

These ETs are coming back to remind us about our "future." They are encouraging us (just like the dolphins are) to uplift our frequencies and make a conscious change into another reality, into our next stage of evolved consciousness. They are here to help us.

Now it is up to us to prepare ourselves, to listen to the words and wisdom of the ETs and to know that we are the ETs and we are awakening and helping ourselves. This is wonderful. We are Blessed. Let us do all we can to communicate and learn from these, our higher selves, our guides, ourselves in our own future and make the necessary changes in our consciousness.

We are not alone, and we are receiving the Unconditional Love and help of our ET friends.


2004, Francine Blake
"The 7 Chakras" ©Francine Blake, July 22, 2004



India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts - the secret debate is on


Staff Reporter, INDIAN DAILY, January 6, 2005

New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic.

It is well accepted between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time. Recently India has seen enormous news on UFO contacts and secret UFO bases in Himalayas near the Chinese bases. In Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian security forces protecting them.

Military officials and politicians have confessed the fact that India has been contacted. India has been told the rules of the Universe.

The current debate is on whether to keep it secret like other countries are doing or in tradition of a total transparent society come out and tell the truth. India is so open and democratic; it is very difficult to keep a secret for long. The biggest concern of the Government today is that unlike in other countries, it will be very difficult to keep it secret for long. If the information comes out through unofficial channels first and then the authorities are pressed against the wall to confess, two bad things can happen. First, it can really cause a panic in the country as well as the world. Second, the way the Indian politics is run, the ruling party will be thrown out of power in no time i it is ever found that the Government withheld such information from the public.


India was startled by four reports last week which appeared to
confirm the rumors of a large underground base
staffed by extraterrestrials in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas.
In New Delhi, India's capital, a senior officer of
the Indian Army told freelance journalist Subha Jain that
aliens were indeed in the Himalayas.
In Bangalore, a recently-retired officer of the
Indian Air Force described the underground base to his
youngest son's elementary school class and said aliens had
met with high-ranking officials of India's government.
In Leh, a city in the Ladakh region, a local official
confirmed that the Indian Army had moved armored brigades
into the area and was limiting access to civilian
residents and tourists.
In Joshimath, another Ladakh town, workers at an auto
repair shop claim they witnessed a strange broadcast on
their Chinese-made miniature black-and-white television
"According to Subha Jain, a freelance reporter in New
Delhi, she bumped into a very senior military official in
a nightclub in New Delhi. According to him, the
extraterrestrials have been visiting India and the rest of
the world for thousands of years."
"In recent years, most of the super-powers have been
visited. India is no exception."
"'They always make contact through the ground radar
stations run by the military,' she says."
"The Himalayas and Ladakh is where they have made
their most recent contact. They want to let Indians know
the rules and regulations of the multidimensional
"India is planning an unmanned moon and later an
advanced unmanned Mars expedition. India's Space Research
Organisation (SRO) has been given the galactic do's and
"Last week, a flight commodore of the Indian Air
Force (IAF), who recently retired, was asked to provide a
little talk to his youngest son's class at a school in
"Guess what he picked as a topic? Yes, you got it
right. It was the advanced landing base for UFOs in
"He started by saying new technology is evolving, and
new advancements are being made in Aerospace. The
students started questioning him on different aspects of
these new technologies and where this technology came
from. At that moment, he began giving a vivid description
of the landing base."
"Surrounded by two of the world's highest mountain
ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakorams, the region lies
athwart two others--the Ladakh range and the Lanskar
range. Residents live at altitudes ranging from 2,750
meters (9,000 feet) at Kargil to 7,672 meters (25,170
feet) at Saser Kangri in the Karakorams. In summer,
temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees Celsius, while in
winter they plummet to minus 20 degrees Celsius, even in
"In Leh, Ladakh (region), according to Tsering
Spalzang, a senior official, paranormal activities are
happening with regard to the buildup of the Indian Army"
in the region.
"These are zones that the Indian Army and Indian Air
Force block for security reasons. The Ladakh valley has
been heavily secured by the Indian government. It is a
'sensitive area' and no one is allowed to enter from
either the Indian side or the Chinese side."
"According to some in New Delhi, UFOs have made
contact with high-ranking officials of the Indian
government. The government was initially baffled, not
knowing how to react. Later, things became quiet, and it
seems that everyone understands that the extraterrestrials
are friendly."
Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda, UFO Roundup
correspondent in India, reported, "I am trying to learn
more about a strange incident that occurred in Joshimath.
This is a town some 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of
Badrinath, a pilgrimage site sacred to Hindu rishis (holy
men--J.T.). A family was working on an automobile engine
at their repair shop. They had a small, battery-powered
Chinese B & W (black-and-white) television set. Reception
is very bad in this mountainous region. Even with a large
antenna, there is quite a lot of static. All at once, the
telly gave out a weird squealing noise. When they looked,
they saw onscreen a crystal clear picture--in color!"
"The screen showed a young Chinese woman wearing a
white halter top. She had long, glossy black hair, parted
in the middle and with a shelf of bangs just touching her
eyebrows. She had almond eyes and prominent cheekbones.
She said something in a strange language. Then she paused
and spoke again in another language. Then she paused
again and spoke in yet another language. She did it one
more time, and this time one of the shop workers
recognized the fourth language as Uighur."
"Next a Pathan (man from northern Pakistan--J.T.)
appeared. He had a rather fleshy face and a small
moustache. He was also dressed very strangely in a kind
of scale-mail armor and a spiked helmet covered with a
puggaree (turban). He, too, spoke in an unknown language.
Then he paused and spoke again in Urdu, which, of course,
everyone in the shop understood."
"He said he and the Chinese woman were emissaries of
the extraterrestrials. He said the aliens mean no harm
and have placed the Ladakh valley under their protection.
He advised the people to go about with their lives and
rest assured that they would not be troubled in any way by
the UFOs. The color image then vanished, replaced by a
screen full of crackling static."
"Our ufologists believe the woman addressed her
message to people living north of the Himalayas, in China,
while the Pathan was addressing the mountain people here
in India and in Pakistan. We have only heard of one such
incident, so we do not know if anyone else saw this
broadcast. It is all very troubling. Could this have
been a hoax? If the aliens building this base wanted to
communicate with the people of Ladakh, why didn't they
themselves appear on the telly? Why would they use two
humans as their emissaries?" (See the newspaper India
Daily for December 19, 2004, "ET contacts with India's
government and military." Many thanks to John Winston,
Robert Fischer and Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda for these


India: the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts

Staff Reporter, INDIAN DAILY, January 6, 2005

The recent rush of world leaders to India is remarkable. Starting from Russian President Putin to major Senators from America have visited or are planning to visit India. European Union is in deep discussion with India on cooperation. All sanctions against India's nuclear programs and Indian Space Research Organization are in the process of being lifted. India is cooperating with Europeans and the Americans in space explorations and technology research program. India is also part of World Trade Organization. India is receiving major outsourcing contracts in IT and call-center service work from America and Europe. India's Forex reserve is at a level never imagined before because of international direct investments from Western nations, Japan, Korea and others. Interestingly, China the arc rival of India changed its posture in the last few years to make India's friendship and trade a priority. India is slowly getting to the point when it is accepted as a permanent member of the Security Council. All the five Security Council members China, America, Russia, France and UK support India's inclusion.

When all these factors are added together and analyzed, it seems like India is being told by the world to abide by the hidden protocols and in exchange be recognized as a major emerging superpower.

The debate the country is facing internally is whether to abide by the laws of the world and the Universe to be recognized as a superpower or be truthful to its citizens and the world.

According to sources close to the Government, the UFO contacts is known by quite a few politicians in the opposition and of course by those who are in power.

The military has legitimate concern of not letting the secrets out either.

Recently, India's foreign affairs minister Mr. Natwar Singh came out and said that for India it was not necessary to become a nuclear power. He is a strong supporter of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, India's former Prime Minister who initiated the nuclear program in the mid sixties. India first exploded a nuclear device in Pokhran in early seventies. The whole country including people from his own party questioned Mr. Singh for such an irresponsible statement. But on analyzing his statements, it is evident, that based on what he knows now, being a nuclear power really does not matter much because the technologies controlled by the extra-terrestrials are so advanced that all our technologies mean really nothing. But importantly he may be irritated with this controversial ongoing secret debate and what he really meant was that if India was not a nuclear power, the debate on UFO and extra-terrestrials will never be there in India.


01/23/2004 14:47

Soviet military encountered many UFOs, maybe for this reason in the end of the 60s a secret laboratory of researching "flying objects" was created in the USSR.
UFO researchers often blame the military of hiding the cases of alien rockets and disseminating false information of UFO. Army officers are not interested in the disputes about alien civilizations, they are interested in knowing what impact UFO can impose to military equipment and personnel.
1947. Antiaircraft guns of Transcaucasian Military District fired on the flying cigar-shaped object which came from the side of the Turkish border. The object"s flying altitude was below 4,000 meters, and the guns were capable of reaching a target at the altitudes up to 12,000 meters, but that time the fire made no harm to the "cigar". Then the cigar increased its speed and flew away over the mountains.

This incident could cause much trouble, because earlier the border guards and military ships monitoring service missed this target. Then the military was unable to trace this flying object over the country"s territory. The Border District command ignored and ordered the monitors not to disclose the information that the object reached a speed up to 2000 kilometers per hour.
Similar case took place in 1984 in Turkestan Military District. Near the city of Astrakhan air-defense system marked the ball-shaped object flying at the altitude of 2000 meters along the Caspian seashore in the direction of the state border. The object did not respond to the inquiry made by the military on the radio. Two fighter-planes took off, but they were unable to bring the object down. After being under fire, the object descended up to 100 meters, and at this low altitude the planes were unable to continue firing. Despite being fired at, the object was having a regular speed. The ball passed over several military units, which allowed to make its photo. Near the city of Krasnoyarsk the military tried to bring the object down with the helicopter. However, it quickly increased its altitude so that the helicopter could not reach it. After firing all its supply of shells, the helicopter landed, and the ball abruptly flew in the direction of the sea and disappeared from the radar screens.

In the same area the similar scenario case happened later. The object having the shape of cylinder demonstrated its invulnerability. Such a demonstration could be the purpose of its flight, because this UFO was having a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
One can blame the military of inhuman actions on bringing down flying objects. But what can they do if the object was moving in the direction of the state border and they had the order to destroy such objects?
In 1985 near the town of Krasnovodsk the radar station under the command of Captain Valuev registered the disc-shaped object in size of 1,000 meters! The object was immovable, and some time later a small disc in size of 5 meters flew out of it and then landed on Krasnovodskaya spit. Patrol boats rushed to that area, but when they reached the distance of 100 meters from the object, it took off and flew one kilometer away. This happened five times. Then the object flew up at a huge speed, reached the bigger disc, which finally flew away spaceward.
In the end of the 60s a secret laboratory of researching "flying objects" was created in the USSR. Among the laboratory"s tasks was researching anti-gravitation, but the research results were made secret. Its testing area was near the town of Kapustin Yar on purpose. In the end of June of 1971 the military could see over this area a black cigar-shaped flying object floating under the clouds at the altitude of 800 meters. The object was 25 meters long and had about 3 meters in diameter. It had neither stabilizers nor wings nor engines and was moving at the speed of 150 kilometers per hour producing no noise.
In 1978 ???? Soviet Ministry of Defense accepted Network MO program. Special military unit in the town of Mytishi was in charge of collecting data, and newly established "space troops" were designated to fight possible threat from space.

In the beginning of August 1987 five soldiers of Leningrad Military District went to the North of Karelia region on a special mission. They were required to guard the object of unknown origin. It was found on the territory of another military unit near the town of Vyborg. The item was 14 meters long, 4 meters wide, 2.5 meters high. The object had neither doors no hatches, and all attempts to open its hull were unsuccessful. The military tried to break off some object parts, but were only able to take some rods from its stern. In the end of September the object disappeared from the hangar without leaving a trace.
Alexander Dremin

Source: http://www.anomalia.narod.ru/photo/120.htm \


From Joan Ocean, M.S.

The dolphins and whales have shown me evidence of an ET presence in the oceans. I have researched the subject of underwater ET bases because I have seen on various occasions inexplicable, artificial lights deep in the ocean. They are large white lights that appear to be 5 - 8 feet across, facing upward toward the surface and illuminating the water. It is difficult to determine their exact size because the movement of the water expands and diffuses the light.

While swimming in the warm waters of the Big Island for two decades, I have seen many amazing sea creatures and unusual phenomena, such as whale sharks and giant amorphous jellyfish. But these lights remain an enigma, beaming a continuous stream of illumination, while our boat circles around them. We can swim away from these light beams and return to see them still there. These are not rays from the sun, which appear everywhere at once. Entering the water and diving down 50 feet, I can see that this bright light is still far below me. This type of light appears to be from an underwater vehicle or structure and can be seen in water more than a mile deep. Many other people traveling on boats with me have seen this phenomenon as well.

In addition to these strange lights, many of us on the Big Island have experienced large, transparent, sphere-shaped fields of light as big as an Olympic-sized pool, while swimming among the dolphins. These disk-like clouds are in the water, near the surface and are 80 to 100 feet around. My rational mind wants to identify it as plankton or algae, but it is a white cloudy substance with nothing floating in it. These spheres are not composed of plankton or algae. They are something I have experienced for the past 6 years at Keahole Bay. Whatever it is, the phenomenon seems to be alive and pulsating.

On the mornings when these domes of light are in the bay, we notice dolphin pods of approximately 150 dolphins swimming close to shore. They come to our boat and then bring us to swim inside the milky-white plasma egg. They seem to want us to go there, and so they lead us directly to it. When we swim inside, we can see nothing beyond our hands. We cannot see each other or the dolphins. We cannot even see our own feet. Strangely, we see our heads above the surface and then look below and see no bodies! It appears that our body is in two different dimensions at once.

Within this white liquid energy we can hear the dolphins

We often swim in and out of this huge floating plasma ball for 2-3 hours. When we finally swim away and board the boat to return to land, we feel very ethereal and lightheaded. We experience a quiet peacefulness, serenity, a heightened awareness of Beauty all around us, and a deep feeling of inner joy and gratitude.

I am interested to hear from other people who have experienced similar ocean anomalies. Please write and let me know if you have heard of or experienced anything like this.


Pravda Article about Underwater Lights


Underwater civilizations - 05/12/2004 14:37

For more than 100 years sailors of merchant and military ships have been reporting strange occurrences: underwater bright lights and unidentified objects. Majority of such reports came from regions of Persian and Siamese Gulfs as well as Southern Chinese Sea and Malay strait.

In 1963, the United States were conducting Navy training not far from Puerto Rico. Suddenly, the training session had to be stopped. Sonar operators determined that one of the submarines was changing its coordinates and was following a strange object. The object was moving at an incredible speed: 150 knots. No modern submarine is capable of traveling at
such rapid speed. (On average, subs cannot exceed 45 knots). Obviously, the object escaped after maneuvering at 20,000 feet. A report was immediately forwarded to the Commander of the Atlantic fleet in Norfolk, VA.

American scientist A. Sanderson, who devoted many years of his life to studying ocean depths, writes the following about a mysterious occurrence which he observed from the deck of an ice-breaker in the Atlantics:
Suddenly, something emerged from the waters, breaking thick ice; the huge silver object then disappeared in the sky|.

After thoroughly examining US Navy archives regarding such unidentified underwater objects, Sanderson came up with an interesting hypothesis. His hypothesis talks about the existence of highly developed civilizations right here on earth.

All I can assume is the following: the hypothetical circular spaceships| could have used continuously working scanners of radar type, their beams in turn become visible for us only when they produce luminescent masses of small unicellular organisms.

Such hypothesis appears to be rather believable. It can also be added that in cases where the emissive power of the so-called radar gets too high, then water itself will be luminescent.


In 1928, peasants from the village Shuknovolk (Karelia) witnessed another remarkable event. The phenomenon remains a mystery even today. One of the locals, F. P. Fedotov, presents his account of those days.

Something resembling a big cylinder with red flame streaming from its rear end collapsed into the lake. Some say, that it is still lying on the bottom of this lake and hampers fishermen to fish there. After the fall of the object, local residents started noticing a strange 1-1,2-meter long creature. The creatures body appeared slim and its hands were touching the
ground. Each hand contained four fingers. The creature was incredibly fearful; it would always hide in the water whenever approached by humans.

Japanese have a legend of a cane man. According to the legend, not only did the man live under water but he also could fly at an incredible speed. The legend has much in common with the alien in Karelia. Both of them have membranes with claws. Japanese have an image of this creature which dates back to VII century.

Do underwater civilizations exist?